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October 20, 2020

With the way Spurs Acquire Aldridge in 2015, they can also do same with Butler

With others thinking that the Spurs can chase Kyrie Irving or LeBron James via trade. This is so impossible for the team, the Spurs want to win and not selling jerseys or to improve sales revenue. The way they did this season, they overachieve on everything and a piece away to contend.

With Jimmy Butler had player option and looks unhappy with the Sixers. The Spurs can offer him a max contract with some movements on current roster. As per Butler said he want a max contract whatever team he will play.

Way back in summer of 2015, they find a way after Aldridge agree to sign with the Spurs. They quickly disposed Splitter and Diaw. Without picks and Rudy Gay yet to signed, the Spurs had 19 million cap space. This is why Butler signing make sense.

Jimmy Butler was one of the best two way player. He proved that he is a clutch player. When I watched him with the Bulls, he is the one taking care of the game down to the wire. Then he’s the second best two way player, next to the one who Spurs gave up.

He is not really floor spacer, with the Spurs projecting first five next season with Murray, Forbes, DeRozan and Aldridge. But he can shoot 34% of his three last season with the Sixers. With the Spurs, he is another playmaker and can boost the perimeter defense which Spurs ranks 20th.

If they can move pieces so they can have cap space with Jimmy Butler, then they can make a run with him. Which Butler’s motivation is to win, whoever with him.

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