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October 25, 2020

Who’s your “another”favorite Spur

Tim Duncan all time i love him not only just in court but as a person, i do. Timmy was a perfect man to be loved with the team. With the sacrificed he brought and five titles on his 19 years with the team. Duncan a model that every player should follow. No drama, no ego just simple basketball.

Images from SpursDynasty Page

But in the start of 2000 era I watched some Richard Jefferson game.

Yes you read it here that I love the way he played. His dunking with the New Jersey Nets every time Jason Kidd throw the basketball in the air. Even they had been swept by the Lakers in 2002 RJ was the third best player with that team.

I’m so happy with the trade that Bucks send RJ to the Spurs in 2009. He can bring spacing in the floor another solid option.

He was a 3 and D with the Spurs and an improvement on defensively. Then his athletic as freak. At his signature dunk, i love the way he dunk over David Lee when he is in a Spurs uniform.

Although he didn’t had a success with team. He was an underrated dunker of all time. A true Spur in blood, glad to heard it. He is the best dunker in his size. One of the best with likes of Vince Carter, Jason Richardson and Tracy McGrady.

Thru him which can’t contribute well on the offensive side as a fourth option. The Spurs look for another guy who help them to win the fifth title.

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