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October 25, 2020

Whatever happens, Spurs World should Believe In Demar DeRozan


Why do people hate Demar DeRozan when he didn’t make a game winning shot or he played so bad? Fans are losing hope every time the Spurs lost and DeRozan is to blame most. He choked with the Raptors as they said, but the truth is nobody helped him out when the team need somebody to step up, there is no other guy who can gained attention outside of Demar. In Black and Silver uniform he had some game winning shots, yes his scoring had some drops but he is playing on his best at the first season only where they need to figure out each others chemistry. It doesn’t matter if he made a shot or not the important thing is he remains competitive and positive regardless of the outcome.

Forty five wins this season how many times that he led the team, how many plays he made that you ignored? Yes he missed the shot in Charlotte, yes he costly made the lost against the Rockets. He struggled a lot in Rodeo Road Trip. But we can’t deny the fact that he is still most valuable player of the Spurs, the offense starts with him, the flow of the game. If your bases was the last shot that he missed, imagine you telling Gregg Popovich “hey don’t give the ball to Avery Johnson in 99 Finals because he’s not that good shooting outside” or “ just go on the post instead take a quick three with Sean Elliot Memorial Miracle shot”.

What if those guys missed their shot, how do you react? Remember what Pop said to Avery Johnson “At the end of quarters, he never pass the ball he always take the shot but it never went in. Avery is not talented, but we lived into that, because of his competitiveness”.

Whatever the Spurs achieve this season, as a team, as fans we should believe with Demar DeRozan because he competes every night without excuses.

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