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October 27, 2020

Whatever Happened as a Fan, we need to Shut up


When they win, we can’t say nothing that Oh God, they are the best. Oh we are the best fan ever live in this planet, because we had the best coach best rookies and the best T E A M. Fans have a lot of interesting ideas for the team. But when Spurs losses we think we are better than Popovich, better than DeRozan or Aldridge. It looks like we are the Spurs’ owner or GM. Some of us talk trash with guys who underperformed.

Can we stick as a fan, support everybody no matter what? We have no idea how do Pop feel when they lost, when his execution didn’t go well. If social media was in early 2000 and witnessed Pop sitting Duncan in NBA playoffs and lost the series, but with that decision they produced 4 more and even contending now and had a bright future.

All of this we are fighting is from Pop’s mind, with his team of coaching, staff and players who buy his system. As a fan we had no chance to argue. We need to stay as a fan, because it is Pop’s job to get better every year.

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