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October 24, 2020

What does Marce Belinelli Success in World Cup mean for the Spurs?

Italy was already out in FIBA World Cup. Marce Belinelli leading his team in points with a 3-2 win-loss record. In an overtime win, he had 27 points, 3 rebounds, and 6 assists. He was a go-to guy for his team and a playmaker.

The World Cup was a disappointment for his team but individually it makes him better. With coming back for the Spurs this season. It will add extra motivation for him to help the Spur’s success. With another exit on the first round last year. They can start another good run for the team. The Italian Stallion was a big part of the team’s success off the bench.

Marco Belinelli scoring double figures last season with 10.5 points. Although that numbers disappeared in playoffs as he never scored in double figures. The game seven was a disaster where he recorded for one assist only. It makes worst that Belinelli didn’t aggressively look for his shot. He just took nine attempts only in the game one the most. This was the only series he played bad. With the Sixers, he hit a big shot in a game. He did it once before in the Finals against the Heat.

The deeper the bench the better for the team like Spurs. They had All-Star but not like others who get headlines. Comes playoffs times, they need a shooter whatever struggled he had. In that case, the Spurs need Marco Belinelli. He registered 75 playoff games in his resume.

With the way, he played in his national team. His rhythm and confidence are back before training camp. He can still be a big factor for the Spurs run this season.

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