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October 21, 2020

Top Three Centers who Spurs can afford to Back up Aldridge


Late in the season, Spurs signed Donatas Motiejunas as an insurance incase of injuries to Spurs frontcourt. League now is all about who can stretch the floor. But the Spurs still went to a big who can defend the paint. Ranked at 20th on defense last season, the Spurs will coming back to play defense next year with All NBA defense Dejounte Murray coming back.

With limited cap space the Spurs can’t play well. But with a pidegree of being a winner and Coach Pop leading the Spurs can find and can chase this free agents.

Dewayne Dedmond, Center

He played for the team in 2017 as one of the Spurs best rim protector. In free agency next year he signed in Atlanta. He had the best defensive rating per 100 possesion according to Basketball Reference as a Hawks last season. He can help rolling the defense from perimeter as he had a quick feet to defend wing players. As the spacing required, he connected 1.3 three point shot per game. With the Hawks unlikely to be with him long term, he will look for other offers.

Kosta Koufos, Center

Willie Cauley Stein a priority for the Kings and a run for one max player as the Kings keep improving with young core. Koufos maybe looking elsewhere. Although he didn’t give enough scoring prowess he was a physical object in the paint and can rebound well, with a soft touch in midrange. He can be a perfect back up for Aldridge and Poeltl.

Joakim Noah, Center

Yes he is back, the former MVP candidate and Defensive Player of the Year balling well with the Grizzlies. With the young Memphis not going to contend for the coming years, Noah will likely join a winning team. Noah don’t had any jump shot and awkward free throw shooting, but he is a leader. An emotional player, an impact player once healthy. He can pass the ball, defend and move well, set screens. He was a perfect fit to Spurs second unit. He had a fiery attitude which the team need.

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