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October 24, 2020

Title against the Knicks was the greatest for the Spurs?

With five titles already secured in three different decades that led by Tim Duncan and coach by Pop. On those five, Spurs had different role players, three different finals MVP.

They faced a defending champion twice in the Finals, they played against the greatest player of all time three times. On which of this championships was the hard or greatest?


There was a valid argument that against the Knicks was the greatest run for the franchise. Even without Patrick Ewing and a number 8 seed, the Knicks had a Cinderella run to the Finals.

Duncan was just 23 years old, David on his 10th year in the league. Sean Elliot was in a bad health playing in the finals. Avery Johnson can’t go to the right and Mario Ellie already 32 years old but only had six years NBA experienced.

The bench had full of veterans but only Jaren Jackson hitting his shot consistently.

When we look into other run, the 2014 using beautiful game and had enough motivation for what happened a year before. The 2007 with young LeBron James was outmatch, with Parker on his best of his career and Manu Ginobili earned from his mistakes in 2006.

The 2005 was one of the hardest but Ginobili and Parker already establish as a star in the league. In 2003 Tim Duncan prime can’t be stop and he proved it in game six of NBA finals against the Nets.

The 1999 was a closed game in the finals until the final buzzer. Duncan was impossible to stop.

With the way Spurs secured the first one where Duncan dominated the young Marcus Camby, Larry Johnson and the Knicks.

In Western Conference they need to overcome the physicality of Kevin Garnet and the Timberwolves before outplaying the duo of Shaq and Kobe. Swept the Blazers in conference finals, with the Memorial Miracle shot of Sean Elliot.

With the way Spurs started the season which Pop hasn’t yet prove his worth that he was almost getting fired and replace by Doc Rivers. With the famous meeting led by Avery Johnson on Popovich house before the Houston Rockets game.

This title maybe the best for the franchise that others put an “asterisk”. With nobody can think they can win as quick as they can in Duncan young career with old guys with him. Spurs win over Knicks was great.

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