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October 25, 2020

Tim Duncan: The Spurs Greatest, Happy Birthday

No retirement ceremony, just Popovich, the one who talked to the media about him. No swapping of jersey and no retirement tour just a simple goodbye. No trash talk, but ejected while laughing. It doesn’t matter if he was out in the crucial position of a championship game, he will just bounce back the next year.

Happy birthday to Tim Duncan the Spurs greatest

Posted by Spursandsports on Thursday, April 25, 2019

He didn’t bother if he is not the first option, all he care is winning. No signature shot or dunk, only a boring bank shot, didn’t jump high when blocking the shot, that’s why Chris Paul made a clutch shot. Even in a loss he dominated the two best big man in the modern era with one leg. Never ask to be traded, all he love was a carrot cake.

Didn’t request for another superstar, he all need after David Robinson was a teenager from France and a dunker from Argentina and a bunch of old and dirt to win the next four title.

Timmy, the space of appreciation isn’t enough, all we can say is thank you for the moment you gave to us. The success and everything, thank you. Happy birthday Tim.

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