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October 31, 2020

Tim Duncan as Mentor

Tim Duncan has always been an inspiration for the Spurs players.  And now after just under three years of his well-deserved retirement is now the new assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs.  In other words Duncan will be seen on the Spurs’ bench once again.

First thing to remember, Duncan is no push over in terms of getting his teammates into the game; we have seen that; however, we haven’t seen Duncan as a coach.  First things first, Tim Duncan is obviously already a great mentor on and off the court, but let’s delve more on the 2019-2020 Spur’s lineup that would benefit more on Duncan’s presence.


Lonnie Walker is a player that can improve more with the assistance of Coach Tim.  In fact, Walker already has an upside with his size, at 6’5” shooting guard; he is already a defensive stopper as mentioned by assistant Coach Becky Hammon. 

Coach Hammon once mentioned that “he has a lot of talent and ability to be a [defensive] stopper for us, so we are really on him to be locked in defensively, rebounding, every possession… We’ve got a good eye on him.”

Thus, Tim Duncan can aid Walker on his defensive style and proper footwork under the basket.  Mentally, Coach Tim can assist Lonnie Walker on the appropriate defensive instinct and explosiveness.


Trey Lyles is a Spurs’ project for the next season and as a late addition to the lineup after the Morris spectacle.  Despite having to still prove himself as a first round picked player, Trey is always game to the challenge, as Denver Nuggets increased his minutes he was able to contribute.

Moreover, Trey will significantly improve under Tim Duncan, just asks BOBAN MARJANOVIC. One web news outlet once reported that a 40-year old Duncan is doing one-on-one with a rookie Boban, and telling him to just play defense under the post. 

At any rate, Trey can learn a lot with Tim Duncan’s fundamental knowledge of the game and Duncan’s Defensive prowess against some of the best.  Overall, Trey can learn to be the go-to-guy of the Spurs off the bench.


Finally, we have Jakob Poeltl as the probable starting center of the Spurs.  Jakob’s trade from the Raptors was dubbed as a sweetener for DeMar DeRozan and the 19th pick (Luka Semanic). 

Further, Jakob will be the primary defender, rebounder and rim protector of the Spurs next season.  Given these points, Jakob has already shown impressive plays during the playoff as remarkably seen against Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets.   

In the long run, Jakob will be the biggest beneficiary of having Tim Duncan as assistant coach.  During Tim’s historic career he can be 4 or 5 with ease and with his vast knowledge on both positions Jakob is in good hands. 


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