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October 27, 2020


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Spurs already secured a playoff for 22 straight years, but yet to know who they will face. Only certain now is they will face the Top seeds, they are depth off the bench and can contribute well.

With the team build, and they can match up anybody even the Golden State Warriors. To do this the bench need to be consistent on box scores.

The players who need the Spurs to step up come playoff times.

. Derrick White

Need to be aggressive and relentless attack as he is the third or fourth guy behind LaMarcus Aldridge and Demar DeRozan. In the past few games right after he exploded on the past nine game winning streak he had struggles on putting the basketball. His offensive production was so important on this point, the focus of defense will extend into him if he’s on fire.The guards who will likely match up on him will be Stephen Curry, Chris Paul or Jammal Murray, which all of this are the main contributors on their respective teams, and he had slightly advantage with them in length. The more he can burn them on defense is the least production for this guards, and had a best chance to defeat them.

Davis Bertans

He is the top shooter in three before All Star, and he was a snubbed in Three point Competition. Since then his number has been dropped. Davis Bertans, a stretch four for the Spurs who put his man outside of the paint to play Aldridge one on one inside or open the lane to DeRozan, need to shoot better. He should not hesitate to take a shot even he misses.

Jakob Poeltl

Gregg Popovich has been in and out for this big man on his rotations, his role not yet consistently determined. Sometimes he started and lately bench. The team needs him on rebounding, as they only rank 20th. Poeltl grabbing 5 rebounds per game and two of this is offensive which make an extra position for the Spurs. The Big man from Austria need extend his playing time to put some decent numbers. As he is the only second big behind Aldridge, which his defense will likely need in the paint when opponent wings driving to the lane.

The Bench production

Led by Patty Mills, they should keep the offense flowing well once DeRozan and White extend minutes on the bench. They need to light out on three, as Marco Belineli and Rudy Gay attacking the basket. Gay given his strength he had advantage if playing the three position he will put his man on the post, and had quickness when he is the four.

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