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October 27, 2020

The Speculation about DeRozan to be move doesn’t make sense


Some people talks basketball, using creative minds they talk about baseless to stay relevant. They did this so people will react and “oh god he’s getting to be traded”. No idea how they can come up of their mind sounds stupid right?

From Brian Windhorst speculated the DeRozan on the move this summer. Spurs aren’t like this kind of trading best player who had played well with the team for his first season. A guy who had the best character that the organization needed. People look at the talent alone, they look on a win now mode.

As Popovich said about Avery Johnson competetiveness “people cared about the flops and dunks in ESPN”.


Spurs went to draft David Robinson in 1987 but patiently waited for another two years before he played for the team. Because he needed to fulfill his duty with the Navy. They traded Dennis Rodman who had some issue with the management for Will Perdue. The first help Michael Jordan to run for his second three peat.

Spurs aren’t afraid to loss in a season or two if they can compete for the next decade with their own core. Popovich doesn’t rely too much in free agency. They secure their own future by developing their player in G League or overseas.

Look at the other teams who rely to clear the cap space. They take to gamble their future, the Lakers who had a lot of cap space last season. With the signing of LeBron James in free agency, instead of adding one more max player like of Paul George. They settled to signed Rondo, Stephenson and McGee for a one year rental.

DeRozan is the best creator for the Spurs now. Put the right guy around him offensively and defensively and they can give a run for your money.

These guys who is talking about the NBA for their whole life. Still got no idea about the Spurs.

Even with the best offer from other team last season. Instead they choosed DeRozan even others questions his playoff success.

With the return of Dejounte Murray, a huge boost defending the perimeter. With Derrick White experienced last year, and Loonie Walker IV will earn quality minutes. With this depth, they can compete with whoever they face.

The one thing that the Spurs will do about DeRozan is to extend and build a team him. Popovich extension is to contend for the coming years. He isn’t sign trade his guy for a young projected players. That could make sense if you played fantasy league, but with Pop it is impossible to think.

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