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October 25, 2020

The Most Important Guy in Every Spurs Title Run


Five titles in six tries, all with Tim and Pop. From different tough opponents to the tough road to get the Larry O Brien. Duncan led the guys with every role players. In the first two, it was David Robinson as his second go-to guy. Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker for the last three.

1999 Avery Johnson and Sean Elliot

Avery Johnson delivers the title shot in Game Five at the Madison Square Garden. When the two teams can’t take a bucket in the final minutes Sean Elliot found AJ in the corner for a wide-open jumper. But this shot never happened if not for Sean Elliot heroic act in Game 1 of the West Finals. He made a tough shot dubbed as “Memorial Miracle” shot. Elliot catches an inbound pass that an almost out of bounds and made a three to steal the game. Then the Blazers never recover from the loss and Spurs swept them.

2003, Steve Kerr

In-Game Six of the West Finals, the Spurs found themselves in a hole. A double-digit spread against the Dallas Mavericks without their best player. Dirk Nowitzki was been sidelined since Game 2. Game 7 is knocking, but Popovich made a timely move. Putting Steve Kerr in the middle of the third quarter. Nobody can think that Kerr can still put that kind of performance. He hit his first three and he made the consecutive shot. Which led to the Spurs comeback.

2005, Robert Horry

Big shot Bob as Tim Duncan called Horry. In his Lakers day, he proved he can make a shot without pressure. When the Spurs need points outside of the Big Three. Horry came in the second half to made shot after shot. Down by two points in overtime, a play was drawn for him to deliver the dagger.

2007, Robert Horry

This one a tough call, the veteran big man was limited to the bench in a playoff run for the Spurs. Mike Finley did his best in the first round to past the Nuggets. But Horry one play change the whole series. When he clothesline Steve Nash in dying seconds of Game Four. Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw left the bench. The result they were suspended for Game Five. Phoenix Suns lost the next two games and the Spurs go all the way.

2014, Boris Diaw and Tiago Splitter

No question the Mavericks led by Dirk was a tough one. They put the Spurs in a winner take all in Game 7 of the first round. Diaw and Splitter was the main defender of Nowitzki. They did their job to limit his output in Game 7. Then Boris Diaw had an amazing final. He takes every advantage in the post.

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