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October 19, 2020

The Biggest “What If” in Spurs History

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There’s so many question in every team. For the Blazer is what if their players had no injuries. What if Kevin Durant didn’t sign with the Warriors. What if James Harden not traded. These scenario can affect teams future or winning. In every individual career, Brandon Roy ,Tracy McGrady and Penny Hardaway. What if these guys stay healthy.

For the San Antonio Spurs there’s so many. What if Pop didn’t coach the team?What if Kawhi didn’t quit on the Spurs? The biggest what if is, what if the Spurs didn’t win the lottery in 1997? When the Spurs picked him it resulted to countless success. A foundation that even young players learned. With Duncan the Spurs set everything to be patience. The management look to pair Duncan with the guys who league didn’t know who they are.

If the Spurs didn’t win that lottery it could be a tragedy. Unless they find Tracy McGrady and didn’t get injured. What if they just settle only to Keith Van Horn or Chaucy Billups? With a healthy David Robinson the Spurs are playoff contender. But Robinson age will catch him soon. There is no guy who can led the franchise after him. Maybe Popovich is not longer coaching the team. Maybe I’m not a fan now.

We had no idea if the league dominated by the Lakers that time. Boston or Sixers are champions when they won the rights to pick Tim. Luck and Destined that how can we define Timmy to the Spurs. He is destined to be in San Antonio winning quietly. Duncan demeanour perfect for the Spurs.

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1 thought on “The Biggest “What If” in Spurs History

  1. And getting MANU and Tony didn’t hurt us at all. Pop and the big 3 made our team unbeatable. And we did it unselfishly and as a team and the main players gave up salary to bring in better talent. It was, and still is, a TEAM, a FAMILY from the owners to the ballboys. And, in a VERY small basketball market, we have fans all around the World. My wife is Chinese and her Dad, who still lives in China is a big Spurs fan. My wife is too.

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