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October 24, 2020

Spurs vs Knicks: What to watch?

The San Antonio Spurs will open their season in AT&T against the New York Knicks. The former accused the Spurs that they tampered the Knicks with Kritapz Porzingis which later they traded to the Dallas Mavericks. Of course who can’t forget the little drama in free agency with Marcus Morris. After the Spurs traded their fan-favorite Davis Bertans to the Wizards to create space for him. Morris Sr reneging the contract then selected the Knicks. Then Gregg Popovich also expressed how upset he was when these things never end well.

The fans in the arena will have some energy to start off against Marcus Morris Sr. Even himself expecting something that he will be booed. It will add fuel to Spurs player eager to prove what they’re worth. They will show that they are so much better than the Knicks. In a preseason game against the Wizards, Knicks forward had a moment with Justin Anderson. He bullied the later by throwing an elbow and hitting the ball in the face. Can Morris do this thing again to the Spurs? Who will be his next victim? We know that San Antonio never gets into any altercation openly. They never get into any heated exchange the last they had this thing was in 2017 with Aldridge and Ibaka. We know that only Popovich made some fights against the officiating.

How Dejounte Murray can perform against the Knicks guards. They had the defensive guard with Frank Nkitilina who played well in the last World Cup. They also had Dennis Smith Jr an athletic guard who can jump to the gym. Can Murray make his will to the rim against these guys? Physically they are match perfect for each other. How does Murray set his team when had good guys defensively on his face.

Who will be Spurs starting five? The closest call that I can guess will be, Murray, Forbes, DeMar, Aldridge, and Jakob. These five can give the Spurs balance on the court. They had a shooter in Forbes who also good creators on his own. Slashers of DeRozan and Dejounte who can set their guys to score. Then Aldridge who work down low for his points and Jakob Poeltl that can give his team options in pick and roll. Also, the two big men can give the team the second-chance points working on the boards. With Aldridge will focus on his offense while Poeltl on the best offensive big man. Defensively they had Murray closing the perimeter while Aldridge and Jakob on protecting the rim.

With the bench lead by Derrick White, Patty Mills and Rudy Gay, the Spurs can balance the scoring and offense when the first five off the bench. The Spurs had roster who can play and compete until the twelfth man.

With DeRozan hitting a three-point shot in the last preseason game he is now more willing to take more? Last season he just connected 29% of his three. He relied too much on his midrange. DeMar has worked out this summer to improve the weakest part of his offense. If so, then he could look be more formidable when he can start to hit.

How Gregg Popovich start the new season? Pop is unpredictable on his coaching. If he gets screwed for his first technical expect him to had the second one quickly. Means Becky Hammon will be the first in history to coach in the game as a woman.

The Spurs had so much to prove this season they are on their way to shock anybody. Rank as underrated who think they will miss the playoffs. But I don’t think there are eight teams that better than San Antonio Spurs.

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