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October 27, 2020

Spurs season a Success and Give Hopes in Future

With supposed to be the Spurs savior quit with his team and demanded a trade. Expert and sports analyst suggested a rebuild for the Spurs. Instead,Popovich had a thing on his mind. Traded him far away from the team he prefer, made a deal with Raptors. On which the ESPN and other NBA expert predicted the Spurs out of playoffs.

Of course people creticize this move as DeRozan isn’t the same player as the Spurs gave up. Talented two way player for a victim of LeBron James success. But Pop seen something valuable from Demar, character. Which Pop priorities,who can perfectly fit with the Spurs.


Injuries limited the Spurs success with Dejounte Murray sitting out for the season and Derrick White a one month rest. As they lost many games as they had no chemistry. No go to guy,no identity. Once White came back, he brought another run and hope with the team as he helps secured a spot in playoffs.

After game One of NBA Playoffs against the Denver Nuggets,which they won we taught they will go all the way. But game two losing a lead and game,seems the Denver can be a better team than we think. Derrick White career game in Game Three another hope, until he slow down in the next four games and they lost the series in Game 7.

With the picks and will much improve White and Murray the Spurs coming back. Lonnie Walker IV, who will seriously improve a lot on his second season, the Spurs is dangerous defensively and offensively.

DeRozan and Aldridge will play with motivation as they are in their contract years. The Spurs will likely back as a top seed.

Season which we believe we can do a lot with limited talent. The Spurs can do more next year with Pop, DeRozan, Aldridge,Murray, White,Walker and a little cap space. The team can make another run and give another hell of a series whoever they face.

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