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October 27, 2020

Spurs Rumors: Draft Pick Rui Hachimura

With two first round picks this June NBA draft, the front office want to trade up to pick earliest. They are looking for Rui Hachimura of Gonzaga who is scoring 20 points in March Madness before loss to Taxes Tech.

Hachimura a kid from Japan who had a nice game from the post. He is one who can contribute with the Spurs right away. Projected to be pick earlier, he can shoot the ball well outside of the paint. Pass the ball well to the cutting teammates. Offensively and defensively he runs on transition that was one important aspect of the game now.

Hachimura need to improve his awareness on his man in defensive rotation. The one thing positive about him on defense is he can stay on guards when switching the defense.

If the Spurs can’t move up they are intrigue with the talent of Cam Johnson. A late bloomer who already 23 year old. He is one of the best off the ball as he model his game on Klay Thompson of the Warriors.

Johnson a 41% three point shooter in college. Most of it come from a catch and shoot. With no real small forward in current roster Spurs can use him regularly. He can give spacing for the team who badly need more threes.

Spurs also interested with Jabari Parker a former Duke who had a two ACL injury in his first two season in NBA that derailed his career.

With a team option with the Wizards he is likely to get waive, as the team will make some run in free agency. He could be a great back up strech four for the Spurs if Rudy Gay sign elsewhere. Consistently scoring of 15 to 20 per game is good addition that the Spurs needed if starters sitting off the bench.

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