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October 27, 2020

Spurs Priority: Draft, Trade, Chase and Win

With an early exit in back to back years in NBA playoffs,the Spurs are predicted to made a little rebuild,little changes.They need this to make another run for next season.Of course Gregg Popovich coming back, don’t you know him?He loves coaching, and he know with the current line up with some improvements they can make another historic run.

The things should they do first is to find some quality players in draft.Find a quality 3 and D with their two picks in first round. It is an insurance for the team which Rudy Gay will be a free agent.They can improve their spacing which one of team weakness, which DeRozan can focus on offensive side of the ball.

Trade.Trade.Trade. Yes we need to trade somebody, the Spurs need to go young and athletic. With Dejounte Murray coming back, Derrick White and Lonnie Walker IV will demand playing minutes Patty Mills will likely an evictee. Patty Mills had an expiring contract and contender will need what Mills brings every time on the floor.

The guard from Australia is still useful but Spurs All Star can’t dominate the paint or game so Mills can take a wide open shot. We don’t have Tim Duncan anymore where they need like of Mills in early 2000.

Davis Bertans also a possible candidate to be traded, he is on his last year of his contract. He seems invisible with physical line up. Although i love his effort defensively, he was overpowered. Then if his range isn’t clicking, things aren’t good.

If the Spurs can find a way to disposed this two. They can play a little bit in free agency. In this situation maybe they can chase Nikola Vucevic. This big man led the Magic in playoffs. Vooch was so cool offensively, so smooth in the paint with perfect mid range.A good idea to partner with Aldridge although the shaded area will allow too many points.But the Spurs should not worry about it because they had a great duo in perimeter defensively.

Also, do you think this is impossible to catch Jimmy Butler if we can trade Mills and Davis. Butler i think, unhappy with the Sixers now. Imagine the line up of Butler,Murry, Aldridge and DeRozan. Demar will be back on his real position, and insert a 3D, Spurs can compete on anybody.

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