Spurs key to Win Game 7


With the Spurs forcing the Game 7,they need a full effort to win in Denver and advance to face the Blazers in second round.All of thems clicking in midrange to threes and limited the Nuggets conversion on the arc.

Here are the keys for them to win.

Keep aggressively attack the lane with DeRozan and White they can set up their teammates.This means high quality shots and will make the Nuggets in foul trouble then means free throw.Rudy Gay should play with his confidence,like he did in Game 6.No hesitation shooting threes,attack the rim control the boards and helping protecting the rim.

Stay away of foul troubles,they were out of rhythm.Nuggets find mismatches with this and they take advantage converted into points.

Young guards should play like Patty Mills showing in Game 4 to 6, hustle on everything.That can be converted or save the points.

Team rebounding, control the boards.They give too much offensive rebounds which Nuggets had a lot second chance points.Help Poeltl and Aldridge box out everything.

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