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October 22, 2020

Spurs All Time Starting Five

Every franchise had a heroes who help their team to get in top. Also teams get respect around the world. San Antonio Spurs had these guys. From George Gervin who bring Spurs to San Antonio. David Robinson helped Spurs to stay in San Antonio. Finally, Tim Duncan who finally made the Spurs win everything.

The Spurs all time player who put the franchise on top. The guys who sacrifice even they are on the bad side of history.

Tony Parker, Point Guard

Helped the Spurs to four more titles. Captured the Finals MVP in 2007. An All NBA, an All Star and MVP candidates on his prime years. The kid from Paris, France who takeover the starting job after five games on his rookie year. Winning on his just second year and learned a lot from there. Leading the franchise in assist and steals. Tony Parker was instrumental with the success of his teammates. In 2014 finals he received a “pure admiration” from Popovich. Didn’t put huge numbers but the way he put his team on a position was second to none.

Manu Ginobili, Small Guard

The Spurs greatest steal of all time. Sacrifice his numbers to move in the bench. Ginobili can do this without arguing to put his team on top. An All NBA, All Star, four time champion and Sixth Man of the year. From unknown to be the one who popularized the Eurostep. Manu was underrated over his career compared to other stars who played with his position. The most popular Spurs ever.

George Gervin, Small Forward

This man was played with the era of Hall Famer like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem and others. The Spurs never won championship in this era. But Gervin put the team in playoffs year every year. With his finger roll signature shot he put the team on his back. An All Star and a scoring champion multiple times.

Images from SpursDynasty Page

Tim Duncan, Power Forward

Enough to say he was the greatest Spur of All time. An underrated superstar who don’t get enough respect outside of San Antonio. This position was sealed to Duncan since his name was called by David Stern on the draft night. Accolades doesn’t enough to made him as the best ever.

David Robinson, Center

The former first overall pick an MVP, Defensive player of the year. Scoring champion, All Star, Gold Medalist in Olympic and a two time champion. David was described a hero to San Antonio, a man who made the Spurs stayed in the city of San Antonio. Just missed a playoff one time in 1997 and the rest is history.


The Spurs Second team was composed of Avery Johnson, Sean Elliott, Bruce Bowen, Lamarcus Aldridge and Artis Gilmore.

AJ as a leader and put a game winning shot in 99. Sean for having a great run with David early on his career and remembered as hitting the “Memorial Shot Miracle”. Bruce and All Defensive Team and playing the most important part of the Spurs three championship. Aldridge on the other part for making the team relevant when others quitting. Gilmore was a huge part of success in Gervin era.

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