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October 21, 2020


Dejountey Murray is coming off an impressive season before he suffered a torn right anterior cruciate ligament injury during a preseason game against the Houston Rockets.  Despite this setback on Murray’s game, he looks remarkable during his rehab. 

Regardless of what many say about Murray’s mindset right now, he is set to play for the San Antonio Spurs this 2019-2020 season and beyond.  Granted that be the case several factors are in play right now that MIGHT hinder Dejounte Murray from playing with the San Antonio Spurs past this next season.

Further, Dejounte Murray has been cleared by the medical staff of the San Antonio Spurs to play without restrictions.  It is important to realize that Dejounte Murray is eligible for a contract extension and that should happen before October 21st this year.

On the positive side, Dejounte Murray truly wants to play with the San Antonio Spurs’ Silver and Black uniform as he himself posted on his social media accounts.  With that in mind, Dejounte Murray’s agent is Rich Paul; yes that LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul.  Rich Paul is the man of the hour right now and is notable for being difficult to deal with on negotiations. 

Moreover, Dejounte Murray’s contract extension before the October 21st deadline will not be as complicated even with Rich Paul at the helm, as Dejounte is still on his rookie contract. 

Conversely, should the San Antonio Spurs decides not to sign him before the deadline, Dejounte will be free to negotiate with other teams.  And Rich Paul will be hell bent on giving Dejounte Murray the best contract out there. 

It is important to realize that the front office of the San Antonio Spurs would rather have him after watching him play to test if he’s back on his break season form.  Whereas, signing him and ending up having a Derrick Rose 2.0 with Dejounte Murray. 

Ultimately, as we have seen time and time again, the San Antonio Spurs has been lucky on its contract extension decisions thus far and as for Rich Paul, he’s on a conundrum just like the Spurs.

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