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November 24, 2020

Rudy Gay Means a lot for the Spurs future


With struggles in games with the Spurs lost, Rudy Gay found his way back in Game 6 and much needed Game 7.He proved that he can be deffirence maker with the team.As he uses his length and strength to help Spurs win in Game 6 and keep the game in deciding game and which they loss.

Rudy Gay will be a free agent that will be started in July 1 with the Spurs no bird rights.Their will be a lot of teams that will looking for him and offering more money than the Spurs will do.Proving everybody that he can play again after devastating injury of his career.He averaged double digit in points and much more a willing passer and he pick his spot.

He is not on the list with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving or Jimmy Butler that is set to be in free agency but he can be effective on his role.

The priority things that will the Spurs will sign him and Gay will choose San Antonio above others although he can’t get more money than others offers but he is willing to accept anything with Spurs and goes for another hell of a run.

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