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October 24, 2020

Predicting Lonnie Walker IV 2019-20 Season

Last year 18th pick Lonnie Walker IV takes most of his time in Austin. Rarely seen in games and played in just limited minutes. But he shows his potential to be a good player. Walker athleticism displayed that he can use as an advantage for his career.

With this Summer League, he looks like he is ready for the big league. Named as a Second All Team and he averages almost 30 points per game. Using his great mid-range and improved three-point shooting. Love to go one on one with his defender. The kid from Reading a steady defensive genius with active hand and feet to stay in front of his man.


Being a two-guard which Demar DeRozan real position. That he will likely play again this coming season. Then Bryn Forbes will be a primary back up off the bench. Lonnie will be a third-stringer of this position from the start. Unless he takes his momentum and confidence to take over. Expect for him to struggle as he gets his role.

With the guidance of Popovich, Walker will comfortably take his zone. Don’t be surprised by his emergence as Derrick White did. As before the NBA draft in 2018, he is expected to pick earlier but injury put him in the middle of the first round.

Walker will play for 17 to 22 minutes per game. Scoring 7 points dice 2 assists and grabbed 2 rebounds per game. The coaching staff will likely trust him in the clutch games. He will take Bryn Forbes minutes as he can stay on the front of his man.

His talent and hard work are what the Spurs need. Walker can be another revelation for the Spurs success. In the future, they will form another Big Three with Murray and White. This coming season is only a start.

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