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October 27, 2020

Playoff scenario for the San Antonio Spurs


The Spurs sitting on eight seed now and already secured playoff spot. But these things can change up to sixth and seventh seed. With the LA Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder had a tough schedule. Next three games, which the Spurs hold the tie breaker, a more win from western conference than Clippers and Spurs won the season series against the Thunder.

Assuming the Spurs won their last two games which is likely, and the Thunder or Clippers lost atleast a game, the Spurs will be seventh seed. If the two lost atleast a game the Spurs will be 6th seeded and will face Houston or Portland.

Oklahoma City Thunder will face the NBAs best Milwaukee Bucks and Houston Rockets and still a dangerous Minnesota Timberwolves.

Meanwhile, Clippers will face the Utah Jazz who still want to be a fifth seed and the Golden State Warriors. Spurs will play Cavaliers and Mavericks.

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