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October 30, 2020

No Davis, you’re not overpaid you deserved every penny of it


Bertans feels that he was overpaid for a 7 million a year. Maybe he lost a little bit of his confidence after limited minutes in the playoffs.

In an interview via Delfi Sports, Bertans says.

Davis shoots over 40% of his three last season and led the NBA before All Star break. He was a snubbed in three point contest. Bertans playing well off the bench, help spacing and as underrated passer. He proved every year his worth, per 100 possession he is +10 if on the court.


Davis Bertans final stats in three is 43% that qoutes website using only nine and a half fingers. He had some clutch shots against the Warriors. He can’t miss a three in a back to back game against Oklahoma City Thunder.


That kind of contract is a discount im todays NBA for a sniper. Where they favor a three game that spacing requires. Bertans was a good defensively until he was out muscled in the playoffs by Denver frontcourt. His effort in defense was the teams needs.

All he need to do this summer is to put himself on shooting consistently. Then put some muscles and gain weight so he can’t label himself soft in physicality of the league.

Davis you’re doing great for the team, don’t worry too much we still trust you.

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