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October 29, 2020

NBA Playoffs: Time for Derrick White to shine

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After March Madness, here they comes, NBA Playoffs is set, and will start on Saturday night. Where clutch players immerge, where role players do their job and where coaches adjust or shorten rotation. This is the time to show the world who is really the best, or they flop on the biggest stage. Every game, every play counts, every dive, hustle and sacrifice of body to save the ball to defend the rim.

A little bit of history, fans wishes were granted as we said and history was on Spurs side. In 2010, the Spurs struggled at the start of the season, but they still managed to have a record of 50-32. They went as a 7th seed playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks. Spurs lost the Game 1, but won the next three games and Game Six to finish the season of Dallas Mavericks. This was George Hill a sophomore breakout series after a non-factor in Game 1 as he went scoreless, he scored his career playoff high 29 points in Game Four and average 22 points in six games.

This season the Spurs struggled also, as they had a losing record after 11 games without a point guard. Then when Derrick White came in and found his rhythm the Spurs looks like a team to beat. His impact on the game was so important for the team to succeed. The sophomore guard the team best defender by his length alone he can intimidate anybody.

White can contribute as his gain confidence how to do it consistently, the best tactician on his side. The better he play, the more chance they win in this series against the Nuggets.

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