August 4, 2021

NBA Playoffs: Spurs firing everywhere

The Spurs came out with his best, and shoots efficiently. The stars Aldridge and DeRozan scored 51 points, Rudy Gay with his best game of the series. Derrick White seems have confidence coming back and Bryn Forbes continue to lights up. If people think the Spurs season is over after a blowout in Game 5, hell no.

They are going to push another run to complete to the upset. Even Nikola Jokic scored 43, the Nuggets best in playoffs isnt enough. The Spurs outscored the bench for the first time. Then the threes wasn’t raining. Aldridge set the tone in first, Rudy Gay in second and DeRozan in third.

A 3 point lead extend to 18 points with 17 to 2 run from third to fourth quarter. Team showed the fans why do we need to believe in them. Spurs are damn good more than other thinks.

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