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December 5, 2020

NBA Draft: Why the Spurs should target this prospects

One of the most important piece to start a franchise it to get the top pick or trade picks to established players in the league. Then sometimes a little luck, founding good ones in late picks or others as undrafted. With PATFO, they are the best in this business and even picking always late in first round, the Spurs always found a gem.

Two picks 19th pick and 29th from Toronto, the San Antonio Spurs will likely made another steal. Here are the picks that can help Spurs for another great run next season.

Ruin Hachimura, Power Forward from Gonzaga

Offensively using his physical tools, had face up quickness, moving well around the post he is perfectly fit next to Lamarcus Aldridge. Just need to improve his touch from long distance, how to get involve his teammates and defensive assignments. This guy was projected to be a top 15 and one of the NBA ready.

Spurs will get him by trading the 19th pick, 29th pick and Bryn Forbes. Yes Forbes, he is the only one that teams will likely want as he can give another scoring threat, either he start or off the bench. Young and tested with a decent contract, rebuilding teams will likely close the deal.

Brandone Clark, Forward/ Center from Gonzaga

Energy on defense made this kid valuable. Rolling to defend the rim as he average 4.3 blocks per 40 minutes he can really help the Spurs struggling defense. On the other side of the court he contribute on scoring by jumping and cutting the lane. He can be an immediate impact to the team.

The Spurs will get him if they trade their own 19th pick with Patty Mills or Forbes. Defend on where this kid will be fall. Clarke was projected to be a 14th pick.

The last one will keep the pick and select Jontay Porter a center from Missouri. Can defend, pass and shot the ball effectively before he went down with ACL injury. He can be a long term project for the Spurs as Lamarcus Aldridge soon to be a free agent and not getting young anymore.

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