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October 22, 2020

Luka Samanic Worth Investing for

People get in shocked when the Spurs picked Luka Samanic, a 19 year old kid from Croatia. He is expected to be in late first round or earlier in second. Then again, the Spurs made another surprised. They put into a perspective that they had different approach in the league.

Luka Samanic has been scouted by the team since three years ago. Reported last April that RC Buford in Slovenia watching this kid playing. The Spurs liked him and when they had their chance to snag him, they pick it up.

A player who can shoots outside, can post up. He also finishes closed out attacks. With a good touch from three, although he need to perfect it. Which the Spurs known to reinvent the perfect touch. They had the best shooting coach doctor. Samanic who moves well off the ball made him valuable. With his size, he had a great handle who can put the ball on the floor. Knows how to read the defense. He calculated when to make the right plays. His vision as a big man is impressive.

This kid with high basketball IQ, who said he can defend five positions in the court. Which the current era trends where big man can switch to guard the perimeter. He can ran outside the paint to save a defensive play.

Although he can log most of his minutes in Austin. Where others Spurs found success to develop their skills. Samanic is exactly right on track with the Spurs young players. His mentor LaMarcus Aldridge who had two years left in his contract, with partially guaranteed on next year.

Imagine the Spurs how they can improve im three years. They could be the best team from the perimeter defensively and closing the paint with Samanic and Jakob Poeltl.

The Spurs investing on another gem that can help the team. A guy who they could trust to battle them for sixth title. It’s to early to tell but they had vision that this guy as a perfect fit.

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