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October 24, 2020

Drafting George Hill: Pop Biggest Achievement in last Decade

This article is not to tell and should we thankful to that number two from Toronto. This move come from Gregg Popovich, a genius a master of everything. Drafting George Hill 25th overall was Pop greatest achievement in the last decade. Soon become a favorite, and played his best game in playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks in 2010. He helped Spurs to upset the 3rd seeded Mavs in first round before getting swept by the Suns next round. It was so clear that Hill was the best player of that series.

In 2011, Pop saw an opportunity to draft a former San Diego collegian that can help at their frontcourt. After seven years, the Spurs captured another title.

This season, that George Hill trade becomes a Demar DeRozan who led the Spurs in scoring and assist. Another gem from that 2011 trade is Davis Bertans who led the NBA in 3 point shooting. This June they had another first round pick, of course came from trade also. Without DeRozan, Spurs can be a good playoffs team. But with him, Spurs are a darkhorse to upset anybody. That’s because of George Hill.

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