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October 27, 2020

Donatas Motiejunas Will Coming This week


Reinforcement is coming to San Antonio Spurs, as Donatas Motiejunas is coming his way with the team. As he signed weeks ago, and reported that it was delayed because of the issuance of the visa to travel.

With the Spurs help “ he tweeted” that he is coming with the Spurs this week and visa’s issue was already settled.

The team needs a veteran big man, as they are leaning on two big on their rotation. Lamarcus Aldridge and Jakob Poeltl share those minutes and if one of them in foul trouble early on, it is hard for Spurs to find success.

Motiejunas who can give positive contribution can make spacing with Aldridge as when the ALL Star work on his zone in the paint. As the big man from Lithuinia can really lights up from three.

It’s a timely events where he can be with the Spurs on their last games this season before playoff time that the Spurs need more body to bang up.

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