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October 23, 2020

Derrick White: He’s More than a Dunk

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Again the Spurs find another gem, we saw how he dunked over people. Now he had his career high with 36 points. White keep his points to the paint bullying his guard. No hesitation, if he don’t get on his first attack, he will do it in his next.

Moving without basketball, cutting to an open lane to found his teammates open. Guarding opponent’s hero, a hard task but limited to 5 points it was an excellent. Spurs fans want to see more if this for Derrick White, didn’t force himself shooting threes but he keep on the paint when Nuggets lack of shot blocker.

He is now the MVP of the series, he keep on pounding every game. Proving his worth more than the first 28 picked over him. He is more than a dunked that we already witnessed.

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