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October 23, 2020

Dejounte Murray: Spurs is my Family

The point guard suffered a torn ACL in a preseason game against the Rockets. Murray was sidelined for a season. It cost what he started in 2018 an All-Defensive team. Will make him a better player if he is healthy and playing another season.

I had a big phone call with Chris Paul the night I was hurt. He told me the whole world was gonna reach out to you, support you, that they’d be there for you, but he said a week let go by and nobody’s gonna really support you, but the ones are real and that was that. That stuck with me” Murray said.

It’s sad to see that he work so hard to be ready. Then suddenly goes down. Keep doing well with his therapy.

The start of it was all new. So it was frustrating. I mean, everything you could put in as being depressed, hurt, sad, mad, but when I say that, it was only like for the first week. You know what I mean when I found out and then I had a surgery that’s when I was like ” I’m not gonna let this break me”.Cause you know, coming into an environment like the NBA, it could break or make you. I got to really lock-in and you know, try to find myself as a person, as a basketball player and just all around.

The coaching staff and the medical team were proud of the point guard. He didn’t skip any steps to get him healthy. Murray keeps himself available for the staff. He reached with his teammates after the workout. Murray talks and keeps engaging with them. Like what a point guard did his duties on the court. Everybody reaching to him and it’s look likes he’s maturing into his life.

For the last nine months, I woke up at 8:00 am every single day. You know are breakfast, came to the gym. Whether I’m lifting weights or on the court being better, you know, I just locked in.

The Washington product just wants to play basketball. Want to help his teammates better. A kid, a leader who’s proving that he can beat the odds. No matter how difficult they will face. He believed that as a team they can achieve the ultimate goal.

I just wanna show my teammates that I’m a team guy so I’m going out to the game to supporting them, coming to team meetings every single morning before the game. Film study didn’t miss one film session the whole season. Just there for them.

Popovich noted that wherever the Spurs are. Dejounte always for there for his teammates. Communication was the most important thing as a point guard. Murray doing this very well off the court. He needs this for the coming season. Dejounte thinks the Spurs is his family. That care for him every day for his career and being a person.

I just love the support that’s been shown to me ever since that day I got hurt. I had the support from family, friends but more importantly, when I sayfamily” the Spurs organization is my family. They’ve been my family. They took me in and they were all there from the players, the staff just everybody all around. When I see RC or Pop I just tell them thank you cause I just needed the opportunity. It just was the outside stuff. Can you get away from this to be successful? The Spurs saved my life.

The young point guard believes that success needs a lot of work. It’s a long process that requires patience and other good characters.

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