August 4, 2021

Bryn Forbes: Most Consistent Spur but don’t get surprise if he gets traded


The third year undrafted guard from Michigan State was the Spurs most improved, most consistent and most healthy the past season. Forbes a valuable Spurs who made a lot of things more than shooting threes.

With the upcoming season, Dejounte Murray is healthy and ready to own his job again. The Spurs had a logjam on guard position, which they force Demar DeRozan to play a small forward. DeRozan had been outhassled in this position defensively.

Bryn Forbes is on his last year of his contract. Likely, next season his skills is valuable to other team. Either he starts or off the bench. Forbes who can catch and shoot, or can make his own shots off the dribble. Spurs had history of players that they can’t match any offer. Kyle Anderson to Memphis, Corey Joseph to Toronto or even Boban Marjanovic to the Pistons.

It will make sense if Forbes gets traded on draft night or this season. As we stated above, the Spurs can’t afford this guy to lose for nothing. Forbes deserve to get paid. This kind of things that you flourished your guy and if they are good enough, they will played against you. This is like you are asking them how to donate your car. Bryn Forbes can be use as package in draft to move up.

If the Spurs can find a way to move Forbes, they can give his minutes to Lonnie Walker IV. This guy from Reading, Philadelphia had a lot of potential to be great. He need his minutes this season. Walker the future of the Spurs and he already earned his minutes in G league last season. Forbes a great role player, but the Spurs need now a foundation to set another dynasty.

They had Patty Mills who is hard to find takers because of his contract, or Davis Bertans who is physically limited. It’s Bryn Forbes who the Spurs a hidden gem that they can used on everything.

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