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October 22, 2020


San Antonio – Training camp is just a few weeks away and the Spurs’ young guns can’t wait to get into the action.  One particular player that is clearly onto the path of revitalization is Dejounte Murray.  Dejounte is a product of University of Washington and was the 29th overall pick of the San Antonio Spurs during the 2016 NBA draft. 

To point out, DJ holds the Spurs’ record of being the youngest to score at least 24 points, breaking Tony Parker’s record.  He is currently the youngest player in NBA history to earn the NBA All-Defense honor.  During the pre-season game against the Rockets he suffered a torn right anterior cruciate ligament and missed the entire 2018-2019 season.  In the meantime, DJ used his free time on recovery and mastering his craft.  On one of his post last May 2019, he displays a number of off-screen drills from under and beyond the arc.  He evidently showed a lot of improvement on creating shots for himself.  His jump shooting is remarkable as he logged in .391 3-point shooting percentage as a rookie.  Meanwhile, creating shots for others would be the primary arsenal for DJ to improve on this 2019 offseason to solidify him as a legitimate point guard

Ultimately, Dejounte Murray needs to have the confidence in using the opponent’s defense towards him in order to space out their offensive play which is primarily focused on either LA Marcus Aldridge and/or DeRozan.  Another key point is DJ has a decent 6.8 assist record per 100 possessions which goes to show that DJ is the breakout point guard, if not the player of the Spurs franchise.  He has shown a glimpse of this skills when he replaced Tony Parker as a starting Point Guard.  The modern NBA is clearly locked in on three-point shooting, DJ needs to address this during the summer camp and improve on his 2017-2018 3-point stats.  He may not need to be Curry and Thompson like but he needs to improve on his 31.6% to at least north of 33% 3-point percentage.  Together with his great defensive skills the Spurs undoubtedly missed DJ and him coming out healthy next season teams need to watch out.

            All things considered, DJ once stated that he wants to stay with the Spurs and build a championship rather than chase them.  The 2019-2020 NBA season will be the breakout year for one Dejounte Murray, and if the latest off season indications are proven to be true we have a balanced offensive and defensive San Antonio lineup.


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