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March 2, 2021

Bad Start,Worst Shooting Ruined the Spurs Season


With nobody on the court can put bucket on the hole,Spurs season was over.They were limited to 13 points in first quarter and even the Nuggets took a 19 point lead in second half to set the series against Portland that will play in Denver on Tuesday night.

The Spurs need Rudy Gay to save them and stay in the game.He had his moments where he scored next 7 points for the Spurs , who badly miss DeRozan who just 1 of 10 in first half and also limited Aldridge.The Spurs had a chance to get closer before the half. But the Nuggets had their own run of 6 to 0 to get them upfront by 13 points.

With the season on the line the Spurs made a run in fourth who almost tied the game before Jamal Murray scored a floater for a four point lead.

This was the second exit of the Spurs in first round in two consecutive years.Which sure they will make a great addition this offseason,with Dejounte Murray coming back.With the most improved Derrick White who looks passive in Game 7 of his first NBA playoffs.

After DeRozan quickly looking for points he was block on his way to the rim.Even Popovich wanted a foul it seems nobody in the Spurs heard him.Times runs out and it’s over.Bryn Forbes had a three and dunk to cut the lead to two,but isn’t enough for the Spurs.

A little rebuild will likely for the Spurs to comeback in a contention.

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