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October 22, 2020

Why do people pick Aaron Rodgers over Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes was a game away last season to a Superbowl. He was the MVP and dominated the highly octane Kansas City Chiefs on offense. People and expert expecting him to continue what he did on his first season of start. But others will argue and pick Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers to play with. The former MVP lead miracoulos comeback last season and being clutch.

Have people not watched Aaron Rodgers career for the past 10 seasons? We’re just going to ignore what you’ve been watching in that time? There are a lot of variables, no he’s not perfect. Maybe people think he has an attitude problem, I don’t know he’s done some great things with what he’s had to work with.

His accuracy is off the charts, he doesn’t make stupid decisions, he rarely turns the ball over. Sometimes plays rather conservatively to not throw interceptions. People are going to hate, but if you notice and look back he’s made a lot of comebacks to tie late in games and that don’t end on an interception if they end up losing that game.

Football is a team game. Call it blaming other guys, whatever, but there has been 1 time GB has had a top 10 defense and that was the year they won the Super Bowl. I think people have a problem with him because he expects a lot out of his team and might come across the wrong way to some critics. His “run the table” regular season in 2016 was one for the ages when the team really had no business getting to the NFC Championship game that year. He was basically limping around the last 5 weeks or so of the season. In 2014 that team should’ve gotten to the Super Bowl they fell short on the road against a Seattle team that was a thorn in their side for years and you could say he didn’t do enough to avoid that team collapse, but the series of events that transpired down the stretch were out of his control as well. I just know there will be haters, but it’s a shame that people would rather hate on A Rod for his perceived personality instead of actually watching what he has done over his starting career.

Yes GB should have won more, but you could also see the team that was around him when he went out 2 separate years with his collarbone injuries. The surrounding cast was pretty much garbage without him under center. Say what you will, but he has had an incredible career and if people are going to discount that than, I guess that’s on them. There’s plenty of footage to show how truly amazing of a quarterback he is.

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