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October 26, 2020

Who will Bounce Back in Week Two

Week one was full of surprises. The New Orleans Saints made a comeback with a 56-yard field goal. The New England Patriots were dominant all game long. But the headlines were Antonio Brown to the defending champion.

Others had struggled on Week one. Maybe they took too much vacation and a little rusty in games. Here are the guys who will play big this coming week.

Aaron Rodgers

The Packers quarterback had struggled with the tough defense against the Bears. This week he will face once again the tougher Minnesota Vikings. With his primary target, Devante Adams was settled for only 36 yards. Rodgers will look for him for more targets this week. Plus it’s hard to bet against Rodgers every week.

Cam Newton

With no scores on week one, he will likely be a Superman this week. With Tampa Bay defense who is among one of the worse in the league. Newton will hit his target consistently.

Ben Roethlisberger

The opening week against the champion was one of his worst games. He threw for one pick and no score. Big Ben will look for his target Juju Smith Schuster among others. The Seahawks gave up 418 passing yards to Andy Dalton.

Zeke Elliot

With no preseason games and the absence of training camp. Zeke was struggling in the first half of the game. Until he recovered for one score in the fourth quarter. This is against Washington Redskins who gave up more than 100 yards on rushing last week. More snaps for Zeke in this game.

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