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October 21, 2020

Undefeated Teams: Who’s Contender and Pretender?

After Week 3 there are seven teams who are still undefeated. Some of them benefited from an easy schedule. Others were a solid group of guys in years. There are surprising teams who still undefeated. But some of them were a pretender who the longer the season and facing tough opponents will suffer loss.

We can separate which perfect record is a contender or pretender.

New England Patriots- Contender

A perfect team that had the greatest player Tom Brady. They allowed only 17 points and a shoutout win over Miami Dolphins in Week Two. Although this is not the toughest teams they faced. The Patriots are favorites to win. They had the best defense so far leading by Jamie Collins Sr. Within three-game he had 19 tackles, 2.5 sack, and two interceptions with one resulted in a touchdown.

Kansas City Chiefs- Contender

The reigning MVP is on fire and breaking the records of football. Patrick Mahomes had 134.9 QB rating, first in passing yards per game. The Chiefs won a showdown against the Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens. Already threw 10 touchdowns and completed 72% of his passes. Mahomes targeted five different receivers for a score.

Los Angeles Rams- Pretender

Even Jarred Goff had struggles, as a team, they overcome to win. The Rams are 23rd in passing yards and seventh in rushing. They barely survived the struggling Cam Newton Panthers and the Browns has mistakes on the game-tying drive. They beat the New Orleans Saints where Drew Brees injured. Their offense was abysmal far from last year. Nothing spectacular about Todd Gurley in three games.

Green Bay Packers – Contender

Aaron Rodgers was far from being him. In the past three games, he is inconsistent. But nothing to worry about his game. He is going to take over when the offense needs him. For now, the defense is extraordinary leading by Blake Martinez who led the league in tackles with 32. The Packers faced the three most feared defenses in the league and the Packers win.

San Francisco 49ers- Pretender

Jimmy Garopollo was healthy and help the Niners for a good start in years. But he played poorly, with 5 touchdowns, 4 picks, and 2 fumbles lost. As a team, they already had nine fumbles and lost seven. A schedule helps them where they faced worst secondary in the league.

Dallas Cowboys – Contender

Dak Prescott had his weapons to hit the target. With his nine touchdowns and only 2 picks, he had a QB rating of 128 and 75% completion. He is sixth in the passing game and had five targets to scores with Amari Cooper four times. Add Michael Gallup who injured in week two. With the good start expect the Cowboys to make the playoffs. Of course, the man who will feed the ball Zeke Elliott is healthy and found a new partner with Tony Pollard.

Buffalo Bills – Pretender

It was an impressive winning drive for the Buffalo Bills against the Cincinnati Bengals. The score and the stop near the endzone. After 3 weeks they had top 10 defense. But Josh Allen is still learning, three passing touchdowns with three interceptions and fumbled four times and lost twice. They faced teams who don’t have a good quarterback. Two of those wins were separated by a single possession.

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