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October 21, 2020

NFL Season: Kirk Cousin a Failure on his First Season


A prize free agent signing in off season, a quarterback who the teams need. He made his former team Washington Redskin to make a playoffs. He signed a 4 year 84 million dollars with Minnesota Vikings who is a game away in Super bowl last year.

Offence should be blossom under Kirk Cousin and National Football teams should be ready for their dominance. Two talented wide receiver Stephon Diggs and Adam Thielen, a healthy second year running back Dalvin Cook add and they are dangerous to stop.

They won their first game of the season against San Francisco Niners in a competitive game. Their next one is rival on the Division the Green Bay Packers and a come from behind and settled of for a tie. They lost to the low quality opponents of Buffalo Bills an upset. Lost to contender like Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints and rival Chicago Bears twice.

Offence showed be better this time with Captain Kirk, he is many times better than now Denver Broncos Case Kennum. But they are inconsistent most of the time and need the defence to take over some games.

A team uses his cap space and all his money to invest in a franchise quarterback.

The problem is he had early turnovers in a games that has capitalised by his opponents, he had seven fumble lost. They can’t make a score consistently, they can’t compete well enough.

For sure next year he need to redeem himself, check for what is gone wrong. What is the best for him and the Vikings, yeah Kirk can play good and better like other front runner MVP QB’s in the NFL. But first he need some adjustment in his second season of million contract.

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