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October 30, 2020

Eli Manning A Hall of Famer

He is the one of highest paid player in NFL history and do you think he is a hall of famer. He threw for 50 thousand plus yards but in this day of NFL 50 thousand yards isn’t hall of fame numbers… Carson Palmer threw 46 thousand plus yards in 3 seasons less worth of games than Eli Manning. 

We understand Eli won 2 Superbowls but can we really say he was the reason why? I see people calling him one of the most clutch quarterbacks in the playoffs but looking at his stats in the playoffs he only had 2 good seasons which were the ones he won the Superbowl. In 2007 and 2011 manning touchdown to interception ratio in the playoffs was 15-2. In the four other years Manning made the playoffs his touchdown to interception ratios was 3-7.

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