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October 21, 2020

Don’t Sleep on Baltimore Ravens

We are getting too much hype with the Cleveland Browns after getting Odell Beckham Jr. With Baker Mayfield looks to be the future of NFL. But the Ravens who were in the wild card last season are silently doing better.

The Baltimore defense was the NFL’s best in any season. Looks like they are a healthy quarterback away to win. Last season it’s all about defense who wins the game. With offense on Joe Flacco was due to some inconsistencies. He can’t throw a 300-yard per game, worst than any starter in the league. He just threw 12 touchdowns with 6 interceptions in nine games he played. They had the best defense who ranks second in points allowed and first in yards allowed.

Now, with the rising star Lamar Jackson who started seven times. Won six and lost once, he is settling to be productive more with the Ravens. With success, he had last season. They are relying on him, Jackson game whining drive against the Bengals was a start. He is young and athletic, the most important is healthy. His passing yard gain needs to improve but he is fantastic for rushing almost 100 per game. The good thing is he scored four times of it. With a steady running back of Mark Ingram it’s another weapon for the Ravens who only rank 13th last season.

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