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January 17, 2021

A Close Come from Behind win of my fantasy team

Started on TNF Aaron Rodgers played below average against the Chicago Bears. Also the game before, the Antonio Brown saga started. He was suspended by the Oakland Raiders and it was a big blow for my team.

When SNF Devonta Freeman was a bust in Week 1. He just scored 2.6 points for my team. Even Zeke underperformed on his projected points. The only good thing on SNF was my kicker and Seattle defense.

I put Fitzgerald and Gallup to the bench who exceeded the expectations. The good thing is Michael Thomas tallied 90 receiving yards in the first half alone. Then even Royce Freeman my hope to win just settled for six rushing yards only in the first half. Until he ran for 26 yards in court quarter to take the lead. The score was 87.22 to 86.70 the smallest lead in my league.

There is more football to play and it’s just a week one only. Need more adjustment to do every match up.

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