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October 21, 2020

Knicks should look on Kemba Walker instead of Kyrie Irving

They can sign two free agent with a supermax contract. With lack of real point guard, they are looking for Kyrie Irving. They can get the Top pick and build a better team to compete for NBA playoffs. Instead of offering Kyrie Irving, they should look at Kemba Walker first.

Okay guys, before you react please read first why Walker over Irving. The star player of Hornets can stay healthy, he doesn’t have any major injuries from the past. Unlike Kyrie Irving, he was out from 2018 NBA playoffs, also out from Game 2 to 6 of 2015 NBA Finals. Staying healthy on the court means more games to play, more chances of winning, creates team chemistry and can play in big games.

Kemba Walker can lead the team, no offense or any insult to Kyrie Irving. He made a clutch shot in 2016 NBA Finals, they made a great comeback from a deficit with LeBron James. Aside from that, he is a great scorer, but he isn’t a leader. Kyrie Irving team didn’t win a lot. Cleveland never made the playoffs with Irving, until Lebron James came back in 2014. Then, Walker just went to the playoffs twice and lost in first round. But take a look who is with him, Al Jefferson. They almost defeat the Heat in 2016 but lost the series in 7 games. Kemba Walker team yet to make a playoff since that year. But it can be a different story if he had a good teammates.

Kyrie Irving will demand a lot of money, but given the reason above, I’m afraid of the risk, in long term Irving is not worth it. Unless the Knicks will go to market the team and go away with winning. Walker on the other hand, isn’t a supermax player and the Knicks will save a ton of money. Those money can sign another good role player that can help the team. Those players who can carry pressure when star’s struggling.

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