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October 24, 2020

Wizards GM: We love Bradley Beal

The Wizard All-Star has yet to sign an extension for Washington. It makes rumors that he wants out of the team. The noise came before John Wall’s injury. The team had no capable of being a contender. The speculation of Beal to be traded is heating up. When they put an offer to him this summer a three year 111 million contract, Beal chooses not to sign an extension.

Wizards new General Manager Tommy Sheppard had different ideas. He loves to build a team around Bradley Beal, a 25-year-old wingman. He told CBS Sports that he wants to keep Bradley Beal.

” The way that I look at this is pretty simple. If you were looking to build a team, Brad would be the type of player anyone would start with. You look at the character, the talent, the age just the whole package. Brad is without a doubt a core player in this league. Every team would love to have him, and we do. So we’ve never considered anything other than a situation where Brad is with us and leading us forward. We made that clear to him on the first day we could offer him an extension and we’ll continue to make that clear.”

Bradley Beal didn’t ask for a trade. He had 250 million reasons to stay with the Wizards. Beal wants that supermax extension. All he needs to do is to be named as one of the fifteen best players this season. John Wall is likely out of the season, Beal needs to get that touches and put numbers and wins on his team to be rewarded.

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