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October 21, 2020

Without the Media Hype Kobe isn’t on the Level of Duncan

The two were played in the same era both win five titles. Kobe in the big market of Los Angeles. Tim in San Antonio one of the smallest markets. Lakers was a darling of media.

In a recent interview about Kobe, he said they could win at least 12 titles. If based on awards they are almost the same. Duncan wins two MVPs while Kobe had one.

If no TV shows that market players Kobe isn’t a top 10 player. Bryant who never average 50% in field goal percentage. Even he led the league in scoring from 2005 to 2013 he takes a shot of more than 20. The most he takes is 28 in 2006. Tim Duncan on his career never takes higher than 20 in a season. While on his career Duncan never misses a playoff in his career and win 50+ games in 18 of his 19 seasons. Kobe miss in 2005 and the last three years of his career.

Kobe had never an impact on his rookie year, unlike Duncan who made the Spurs a perennial contender instantly. Bryant made the Lakers look good when Shaq was unstoppable. Duncan never argues to his teammates plus he helps them better. He never cares about the spotlight all his business is to win. Duncan chooses to sacrifice money to sign good teammates. However, Kobe had a feud with Shaq to Smush Parker and others. Kobe wants to be a Laker hero. Then Kobe never made his teammates better. Kwame Brown still busts with his guidance. While other guys who played with Duncan win and earn a contract. Example of Danny Green, Stephen Jackson. Then Kobe signed an extension that he doesn’t worth the money.

Duncan is a lock-in top five or top ten defends who’s talking. While Kobe is driven by the media to be a top player.

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