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October 22, 2020

With the win against the Nets, Spurs are much better than records reflects

The Spurs are getting better as the season gets on. Even still out of the top eight in the Western Conference, they are not behind. In the last eight games, only one is a blow out against the Detroit Pistons. Then the others are really close and come from behind that four went to overtime. San Antonio record is 5-3, closing the gap in 7th and 8th seed to one game behind. San Antonio is better than their own records show. The wins they generated comes from the team that on top of them.

Against the Brooklyn Nets, they come back as a group. When they’re down by double digits in the third they made a 14-0 run to end the third. The Nets is without Kyrie Irving but played better and compliment each other. Spencer Dinwiddie a scoring guard who had good defensive skills. The Nets are not surprising that replicating the success they had last season.

Spurs slowly find their identity, how to use the right pieces. This team is much better and had a depth to be a good team. They know how to stay in the game despite being down.

Even their guys like DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge had consistency issues. Spurs had three young exciting guys from the backcourt and one in the frontcourt. These guys are the reason why the Spurs gaining some momentum. First with Lonnie Walker IV who had a breakout in against the Rockets, Dejounte Murray not getting bullied by James Harden. Derrick White trying to get his rhythm that went balling against the Nets.

If the Spurs can really get the right rotation they will get better results. The team had a great veteran presence of Patty Mills. The guard is balling, the best player of their last two wins. Maybe a lot of games there behind to be on top but this is not late to make a run.

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