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October 27, 2020

With Pop unlikely to coach, G League season is over some things looking good for San Antonio

The Spurs’ quest to the 23rd playoff appearance is still alive. With eight games to be played and four games behind the eighth seed, it’s still possible to make history. According to the league, the schedule will be on July 31 at Disney World, Orlando. The San Antonio Spurs are one of the teams that get themselves healthy after multiple months of rest. With a bad 27-36 a losing season, Spurs will try to regroup once again.

There are unverified rumors that Gregg Popovich unlikely to be on the Spurs sideline once season resumed. Due to his age, at 71 he’s a high risk to be infected by COVID 19. The Spurs already had a game that Pop let Tim Duncan coach.

Another confirmed report is the NBA G League season canceled.

What does it mean for San Antonio Spurs to chase history? One of the reasons that the team lost a lot of games is the bad rotation. With a unit of Murray, Forbes, DeRozan, Lyles, and Aldridge in the starting five. Forbes is the most invaluable when his shots aren’t falling. He’s third in minutes among the team’s usage. Bryn Forbes is a point guard in the body but played the two-guard position. The problem is his effort defensively is the main target by opponents. Forbes is the reason, Lonnie Walker gets only 14 minutes per game.

Without Pop, the rotation likely to get major changes. Lonnie Walker IV is the most valuable option that can play good defense. With him on the court, he gives many intangibles even without the ball on his hands. Playing the passing lane, run-in transition to create opportunities. Walker’s underrated shooting fits Murray and DeRozan’s game. With him on the floor, he helps Murray to guard the perimeter.

Then without Popovich, Keldon Johnson likely to get his minutes as Tim Duncan gives the opportunity when Pop’s out. The rookie response well with a good performance both ends of the court. Since then, Johnson has been getting his minutes. His fearless to attack the basket, no intimidation matching up against big names. He also likes a motor that runs in every transition game. He’s far better than Marco Belinelli in limited minutes. With him, for sure the Spurs can find more energy and saving points for his team.

With the changes, it improves the chances for the Spurs to win. If the original scheduled to be followed, the Spurs recorded 5-4 against the remaining opponents. They had a better record against the winning teams compared to the others who want the final spot. With a healthy roster and game on the line, Spurs will do everything to fight for the final spot.

Two young talents who can have an early audition for the future. With the way they played, they can give Spurs advantages. From defense to fastbreak points. Transition is one of the easiest ways to score as the defense yet to set up. Plus with a limited shooter on the court.

With most of the scoring options of opposition came from the perimeter. These two are a lot of help for Dejounte Murray and Derrick White. They didn’t put huge numbers but with every intensity, they make the Spurs looks dangerous for the next eight games.

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