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October 23, 2020

Will the Spurs do a protest if they lose to the Kings?

With the protest made by Houston Rockets in a game where they choked against the Spurs. Will the Spurs act the same if they lose to the Sacramento Kings? Luckily the Spurs survive in overtime. The last possession where the Spurs down by one with 20 seconds remaining. Dejounte Murray went for a steal and looks like they are going to score in transition. Instead, the officials made a whistle called for a foul. The Spurs win the challenge but the result is a jump ball. Where the Kings win, made two free throws but the Spurs found a way to force overtime and win by one point.

This kind of single play should be in protest. As it’s the cause of why the team loses. This not because I am a Spurs fan that I insisted the Rockets dunk by James Harden isn’t the one why they lose. Houston had a lot of chances to recover that certainly blown possession. Plus they had a huge advantage with a 16 point lead with eight minutes to go. The thing here is they completely did a choke job. It seems like the Rockets are comfortable that the game is over. If you watch the game between Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets. The commentators are still looking bitter with that loss. Yeah, people in San Antonio and all over the world know it’s should be count. But again that’s not the case why they lose.

The sequence against the Kings, that particular possession is the main reason. That could define the game result. The Spurs had no time to recover because time is limited. It’s hard for Houston how to prove that dunk is the reason why.

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