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October 21, 2020

Will Pop willing to Sacrifice Marco’s minutes for Lonnie?

The Spurs coaching staff had a vital decision to make this season that can affect their season or team future. They had a lot of guards that can play valuable minutes. One of them is the second year guard Lonnie Walker IV looks steady to be in the court this season. After his second Summer League stint, where he is one of the Second Team members set to get his minutes this time around.

In Spur’s history, young players taking a leap on their second season. The pretty obvious here was Dejounte Murray and Derrick White which part of the success in the past season. Even undrafted Bryn Forbes had a food role on his second season but the third year was his best.

The question is will Gregg Popovich entrusted him most of the time? Then who’s minutes will be sacrifice most? With Lonnie Walker IV playing as a guard, DeMar DeRozan who played in the same position but played small forward in Spurs rotation. Bryn Forbes was an undersized two-guard but can’t sit him most because he can get to the buckets on a consistent basis. Plus he is improving defensively playing the passing lane. Forbes is a valuable piece that the Spurs need to be successful.

Patty Mills still a better contributor off the bench. Then he is the Spurs longest-tenured player which he serves a the next leader. Team’s need every Mills on their team the value that you can’t see in the box score.

Marco Belinelli is with the Spurs on his fourth season together with that impressive 2014 run. His long-distance shot was fantastic, Marco was a good passer for his size. The one weakness he had is his defense. It makes him invaluable on the court when his shots aren’t falling. He can’t stay on his man and beaten on a lack of physicality.

While Lonnie Walker IV offense needs to be consistent he can play very good defense. He is big for his position, young, athletic and most importantly is he had the awareness on another side of the court.

Even his shot isn’t falling Walker can still valuable. Saving two points is very important in clutch situations. With a guy who can help his teammates on defense. That was Marco cant give to San Antonio when his shot is off.

In preaseason, Lonnie was an impressive defending the best offensive player. Although it’s a small sample size it was great to see him up to the challenges.On offense, he can score in his own way. The one was surprising was he can create for his teammates to score.

Gregg Popovich is a little unpredictable with his adjustments. It’s either a little evaluation of how Walker can handle his own when every game counts. How he can fit with the second unit together. It will Pop slowly put him to the roster with the season progresses. His potential is almost on him to help his team. If he can stay healthy he will definitely deserve to be in the roster consistently. Walker is just 20 minutes per game to unlock his potential.

For sure we will miss Marco Belinelli off-balance shot due to limited minutes. But going forward it’s Lonnie Walker IV show is coming to San Antonio.

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