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October 21, 2020

Why we should not worry about Spurs losing this season

A simple one: We’re not Houston. It’s joked but it’s right, Houston put themselves in a dig for not winning a title in 25 years.

With this disappointing season for San Antonio Spurs after a 27-36 record. We should not worry about losing even Spurs will miss the postseason for the first time in 22 years. History shows Spurs know how to come back in a defeat. Prior to the start of 2003, Spurs lost to the Lakers in 2 consecutive years. But they fought back well and bested the Los Angeles Lakers to win it all in 2003. After a Derek Fisher questionable shot in 2004, the Spurs back much stronger in 2005 to get their third title. The same story in 2007, swept the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fourth one.

The worst Spurs lost in 2013, with 28 seconds left for the fifth title they blew it out. But right from the start of the training camp, they had one thing in goal. The championship that they should win. Then they’re the best team in the league with the best record. Come to playoffs with a little rust against the Dallas Mavericks but figured out. Then easily beat the Miami Heat in 2014 NBA Finals.

The Spurs could lose four more seasons and still the winningest franchise in the history of sports. Missing the playoffs means your in the lottery which to pick first the best player. A lot of good college players that Spurs can select in the upcoming NBA draft. Guys who fit with the team for long team success. There is a name like James Wiseman, Deni Advija and Obi Toppin. These guys have the potential to be great in the league.

With another year of experience from the young squad of San Antonio Spurs makes them show what really their worth is. Most especially Dejounte Murray who extended last October after a major injury. His game is improving prior to his calf strain. A franchise point guard who sets a tempo for the team by relying on his defense. Another good summer works out will showcase his potential. Together with Lonnie Walker IV and Keldon Johnson who starting to crack more minutes. With a likely to be out on rotation by Bryn Forbes and Marco Belinelli next season these kids will likely get it. Imagine a rotation who is quick, athletic, can score and defend every part of the court. The Spurs had a good back up Derrick White that can also start if needed. Then another project Luka Samanic which honing his skills in the H League.

Either DeRozan walks away from the Spurs it still in their favor. More playing time and responsibilities to the young guys. Then a good player from the free agency or to retain their own player with the money left on the table.

With this roster in case, San Antonio misses the playoffs they’re on the bad side of history. Good motivation for the team to get better. So why worried for a losing season if you can be better for the next 10 years. Even big markets can’t achieve that feat.

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